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One-Page Information Sheets

Cyber Security & Professional Service Solutions for Government: IT, Communications, and Internet Connectivity

With a proven track record in delivering excellence, Widescope is called upon to deliver comprehensive information technology solutions.

Download Cyber Security Sheet (PDF)

Building Secure & Smart Government Spaces: Facility Management & Security Modernization

We specialize in comprehensive security solutions, both online and in facilities management, building technologically smart spaces for corporate and government clients requiring advanced security.

Download Security Modernization Sheet (PDF)

Custom Application Development & Deployment: Dynamic Dashboards for Advanced Data Analytics, Data Mining & Data Analytics

We develop custom applications for corporate and government needs that require advanced security and robust functionality.

Download Custom Development Sheet (PDF)

Custom Application Development & Deployment: Secure Visitor Management System

Our Visitor Management System is a secure userfriendly application designed for quick monitored access tosingle or multi-site facilities. It’s simple to use, and encrypted for optimal security.

Download Visitor Management System Sheet (PDF)

Lessons From the Battlefield to Learning in the Board Room: We Deliver Advanced Training & Development

From comprehensive group training sessions to private executive coaching lessons, we deliver developmental programs that will benefit your personal and operational effectiveness.

Download Training & Development Sheet (PDF)